Stunt Granny Audio Presents: We Watch Stuff #15

After some terrible timing for a week off We Watch Stuff is back to discuss a bunch of DC Comics news that broke I the meantime.  The Suicide Squad casting was revealed but a major component of the team remains without an actor. Who makes a good Amanda Waller and more importantly which version of the popular character should be utilized? Why is Will Smith in this movie and why cast him in a role where he wears a full mask? Is it time to shut up already and accept that casting for these movies has gotten better? Then there is the curious case of Aquaman and Jason Momoa. Why take a beaten down character and place it in the hands of an unproven commodity? Is there anyway possible for the character and movie to find success? What the hell does Steve Segal have to do with all of this? Al you have to do is give this a listen.

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