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Jeremy:  But anyway, lets talk about something good like the WWE.
Kevin I’d like to start on some speculation because I just tweeted it, who’s Wheaties did Rowan piss in? I’m going with Vince’s.
Jeremy:  No no, this is character building. He is on the upswing man. Losing clean two days in a row without character development means he will be I.C. champ soon. It is the WWE way. Split up a successful duo inside of a successful trio and then take a poop on them. Dusty actually asked me if this is the worst it has ever been and I said yes. I would be hard pressed for a another time in WWE that there is zero enthusiasm.
Kevin:  If you don’t think he’s worth beating Big Show, can’t he feud with someone else? Why did he get separated from Wyatt then? You just rendered my questions moot.
Jeremy:  It is a difficult subject to even talk about without being absolutely negative. I was shocked Rowan lost clean to Big Show. I was even more surprised he lost clean on Monday night. They are using him to build up Big Show but Rowan is a relative nobody so it isn’t helping. All it is doing is pushing him down the ladder when everyone should be fighting upwards.
Kevin:  I’m only hesitant on saying the worst because I do still enjoy the in ring work of the gentlemen that are being pooped all over. The gimmicks themselves aren’t as terrible as having another job but they are as poorly written as those poor slobs. I have nothing to add to the Rowan/Big Show analysis. Other than noting that Big Show just looked like a pansy against Rusev & Mark Henry so him going over Rowan makes no sense.
Jeremy:  Some of the in ring work is good. The rest is just ruined by poor decisions. At TLC. did Cena need a visual cover, a false finish(draw), a 3-1 disadvantage which he managed to get around with ease? Elyse even mentioned how angry I looked watching that match. They had plenty of “clean” finishes but they cannot help but protect Cena to the ends which hurts everyone. At no point in that match was he ever in danger. He is never in danger and that includes Monday’s cage match
Kevin:  Last night was worse than TLC in my opinion. I saw the same stuff you did. A victory that tainted, while it might help the crowd boo a little bit more, they know Rollins can’t back it up in a legitimate way. For as much as I dislike Rusev, he’s been one of the few people they haven’t built up poorly. It looks like that nice ride to the top is coming to a halt though with Ryback in the picture.
Jeremy:  No one is ever better coming off a feud with John Cena. This isn’t the standard bitching about him either. He is made to look like Superman to everyone else’s Otis (Superman The Movie kids go watch it.) This is why adults tune him out. It is why there is no forward movement. Why did Rollins leave? Who decided he should walk out instead of putting his foot on John and raise the money in the bank case above his head for the pin? There you have a tainted victory with the smug heel that plays in to the ” future of WWE” idea. It then sets up Cena for revenge after Lesnar.
Kevin I’m not sure Rollins taking the pin fall instead of leaving the cage is any better. It’d look better visually and you can brag you “pinned” him but again, everyone knows that isn’t the case.
Jeremy:  At least you would have the visual for video packages later. Looking for a positive man.
Kevin:  Not much positive came out of that show last night. Looking back over my write up as we do this. I’m still not seeing much. So I’m looking for positives by talking about in ring work. The WWE is about as low as you can get if it isn’t exactly their lowest point.
Jeremy:  This is a minor thing but this still speaks to the big problem. there is no plan for anyone other than the top people. You repackage Fandango, yeah I know, and then put him in a squash. Why? Couldn’t someone else have been used? Why not the bottom rung in NXT?
Kevin Sure, no one is going to remember them in several years when they get called up for the long term. I’m sure a screen cap will be around but whatever. Fandango’s re-packaging is a joke. If he wears all black and we give him a new woman, it’ll completely re-make his look.
Jeremy:  Sigh, he is salsa dancing stupid. Try paying attention to the product! it is a totally different style of dance and totally indicative of his new attitude.
Kevin I forgot about that aspect. My mistake. I should know what the dance style denotes since I watch Do You Think You Can Dance? Do you think The New Day is the whole locker rooms mind set? If we just keep saying positive things, things will really be positive?
Jeremy:  Is that a real question or the random sarcasm we put in these things?
Kevin A little bit of both. You’ve made it to the top of your profession (unless you’re one of those fans who thinks it’s much more fun to travel the Indy circuit and make something comparable to the WWE. I’m dubious on this claim since I haven’t really seen numbers either way.) but you’re stuck in a terrible rut. You’ve got to be positive but when does that crack? It’s been a few months of bad writing as we noted last week.
Jeremy:  Who wants to be a male cheerleader when they get older? There is a reason the NFL has exactly zero of them. The New Day is idiotic because it is lowest common denominator again. Someone realized they have other black guys and says “Well they have something in common” puts them together as a pseudo black church revival group because that is how all black people worship. Just get Madea out there and make it complete. I hate it because Big E is talented and Xavier should be his mouthpiece with Kofi lacing their boots. Who wants to see a dancing big man? Other than the fact they are roughly all the same skin color; what do we know about them? Nothing, the exact problem with everyone but 10% of the WWE roster.
Kevin You weren’t enlightened last night after Kofi got on the head set to positive a bunch? Isn’t that as deep as you need to delve into a character?
Jeremy:  You lost me at Kofi. That is what Xavier is for. Another thing Dusty said was that this stuff is supposed to be fun and it just isn’t. I am at the point where it is hard for me to believe even kids are all that interested.
Kevin:  I’d be interested in what my sister-in-law’s nephews think of the enterprise since no more than a year ago, they went to the Raw taping here. I’m so interested in it I haven’t even used the SG credit card to buy tickets.
Jeremy:  Are we even the age group now? Is it a matter of age? A mater of intelligence? I always get accused of over thinking things (Pointing at you Shahid) but even on a basic level this is awful stuff.
Kevin:  I used to go back to the “PG can be entertaining” argument but the rating isn’t even a factor any more. I don’t need to have the best writing to enjoy a show. I’ve mentioned numerous times I enjoy good bad TV. Hawaii Five-O is entertaining while being poorly written. I don’t think you’re over thinking it. Sometimes I wonder if there’s anything Shahid dislikes that makes it to TV.
Jeremy:  After he reads this he should have a response. Controversy! Yes the rating means nothing. In those constraints you build a good product. The WWE has shown no clue, not one, since Wrestlemania XXX that they are  capable of it.  As a long time fan it is near the breaking point. I keep waiting for Wrestlemania season but with the glutton of choices for entertainment now the patience is thin.
Kevin I’m not sure if our last chat made it to the site so I would go so far as to say the WWE made it to Summerslam without going completely off the rails. You have people pulled off TV for no reason (Wyatt Family, Adam Rose, Bo Dallas pre-injury, etc) or pulled off to do movies at the worst times (Dean Ambrose & Randy Orton). We also state all the time that we’re not advocating for these guys to be in the main event but establish some sort of hierarchy.
Jeremy:  Adam Rose should be main eventing already. Along with Fandango and Kane. yes, I just lumped Kane in with those two. The movie roles are good for the wrestlers only. It gets them a credit and a sag card so they get insurance so good on them. Other than that it makes no sense for the main product.
Kevin:  Which should be their focus but it doesn’t seem to be. I’ve got no problems with you lumping in Kane with Fandango & Adam Rose because he’s on their level now. Bringing up Kane does pull me back to the Rowan/Big Show topic though. Why not have Rowan go after Kane first? Shouldn’t Big Show be the bigger feud for a later time for the new baby face?
Jeremy:  Big Show should have always been the bigger feud for whoever but he has never been used consistently. Rowan losing makes zero sense but then the fact they are no longer with Bray Wyatt doesn’t as well.
Kevin:  Is it possible to over think something if we keep coming back to the same complaints and same solutions? We could always go with the “You don’t understand the locker room” sarcasm we like to use.
Jeremy:  After reading about payouts and opportunities in the locker room, if any of them are happy then they get what they deserve.
Kevin I don’t feel like I’ve read any of that info but they shouldn’t be happy with what is being presented.
It’d be interesting to know if Bray Wyatt fought to keep the Family together.
Jeremy:  Listening to him on Austin’s podcast I get the feeling he won’t be dishing out anything. Any info on him will be second hand. I understand this means he is probably a chatty kathy but whatever.
Kevin His dad taught him loose lips sink ships. I did enjoy Ambrose side stepping the question of being removed from TV by Jericho by talking about how cool filming was. Always good to have a non-answer answer.
Jeremy:  Yeah, he was all about business matters and then it came to the movie and it was company line
Kevin:  I’m trying to figure out a good way to wrap this up. The best I can think of is to remind you that Smackdown is airing tonight. Three (probably) consecutive bad nights of wrestling in a row.
Jeremy:  Oh yeah, but I need to see this in print. “The Vigilante” Sting.
Kevin Seth Rollins (aka the writers) need to get a hold of a dictionary or a thesaurus. Vigilantes uphold the law outside of the state sponsored law enforcement. Which means that Rollins is saying Sting did the right thing when he came out.
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