Monday Morning Mop Up: #WWE #RoyalRumble



I couldn’t get the WWE Network to work after I returned from the NHL All Star Game. After being hung up on initially, the second consultant resolved the problem. I only got to watch the Royal Rumble itself so I’m not going to comment on the other matches.

The WWE believes they will win with Roman Reigns since he got the victory and the Rock‘s approval. The live crowd and much of the internet panned the move. I can’t say I disagree. It was a flat finish two different times.

When Big Show & Kane fought, they positioned themselves to be eliminated easily. Reigns didn’t look like the bad ass he’s supposed to be tossing them so easily. He should have used their bickering to knock one down, eliminating the first one then the other one. The order doesn’t matter. Reigns is supposed to be a bad ass, he shouldn’t have easy eliminations near the end of the match. Reigns tossing Kane then Big Show on his own would look impressive.

Reigns started to celebrate but it was quickly pointed out that Rusev was still in the match. Rusev attacked but was quickly eliminated. The WWE has gone out of their way to build Rusev up only to look like a clown getting tossed essentially by missing a clothes line (Maybe a version of a low bridging. Whatever.) Reigns doesn’t even look impressive tossing out the Russian bad ass. This guy is supposed to be taking on Brock Lesnar, he should be mowing through everyone in the match especially the big hitters.

Big Show & Kane come back in and attack. The Rock makes the save to help to prop up Reigns. The Rock does the damage then Reigns is allowed to uncork the Superman Punch. That move should have been used to eliminate anyone of the three above mentioned participants. The Rock’s approval is supposed to help but he helps to highlight in their back stage interview what Reigns glaring defect is, his mic work. I don’t think Reigns did himself any favors but saying he was going to be in the moment then seconds later say how he was going to take down Brock Lesnar. Go one route or the other Roman. Don’t sound like a flopping fish.

Reigns is likely losing the men despite his “bad ass” cred mostly stemming from his move set. The ladies are still dropping their panties for him. A worst case scenario, the WWE has created another Alberto Del Rio by shoving Reigns down our throats before he was ready and he leaves after ninety attempts to get him over. The most likely scenario, the WWE has created the next John Cena. In a best case, Roman Reigns becomes the next lady loved heel like Shawn Michaels and ends up breaking out for everyone later. We’re about to find out what that answer is on the road to Wrestlemania. – Kevin

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