Marry Eff Kill – Dolph Ziggler, Lana & Rusev

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That Lana came off like a total bitch. Rusev‘s an asshole of course but they’ve done nothing with her to make her sympathetic. Couples’ fight. They say nasty things to each other. They break up and get back together. But she’s the one who kissed someone else and she didn’t even act like she cared about Dolph Ziggler when he was in the Accolade. Not the best analogy but it’s like she’s the pretty girl who just broke up with her huge, jock, trained fighter boyfriend and they’re both at the same bar so she goes and starts flirting with the smallest guy there fully knowing she’s dragging this poor guy into a situation where he’s going to get his ass kicked and she just doesn’t care because it’s all a damn game to her. And this is who Vince wants to be the new face of the divas? Beyond her looks, who would want to date this woman? What woman would aspire to be her?

According to Mark Madden on J.R.’s podcast, she has no desire to learn how to wrestle? So long-term what the fuck is she going to do? Yeah she’s hot but but her baby face character is a miserable person who won’t do anything. No matter what horrible things Rusev says to her, she cheated on him so that makes her worse unless he gets violent with her which they’re probably too scared to do in this social climate. Meanwhile Charlotte who could be their version of Ronda Rousey. Bayley who could provide a whole new type of heroine for young girls. And Sasha Banks who, while a natural heel, would become instantly the most pop culture relevant character on the show. All sit on the sidelines while Vince turns back the clock to 1998. – Kevin

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