Stunt Granny Audio 303

Jeremy & Kevin are back in your ear holes to talk about some, gasp, positive developments in the WWE since their last meeting. Does the WWE have the luxury of taking off the summer like they used to because of the Network? Is that why the last few shows have been focused since Elimination Chamber is this Sunday? How silly was Dean Ambrose coming in a police van that was labeled incorrectly? Is there any chance the Seth Rollins drops the strap to him? How’s Kevin Owens doing with John Cena? How big of an upset would it be for Owens to win even in an underhanded way at the Chamber? Was it okay for Cena to give Zack Ryder less offense than the rest of his opponents? Jeremy & Kevin finally touch on the big love triangle between Rusev, Lana and Dolph Ziggler. Is this all to set up Ziggler and for Lana to re-assert her power over Rusev? Or is this a full fledged face turn for Lana? Is she still viable without being an in ring contributor? How much have your hosts turned on their Kent State brethren? The show can’t wrap up until the rumors about Impact Wrestling’s imminent demise. Is there still a chance they can find a smaller network to continue Dixie Carter’s dream? Will we have Dusty on for a eulogy when TNA officially kicks the bucket? Find out when you click the link below!

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