Stunt Granny Audio 304

Destination-America-Dumps-TNA-For-Ring-Of-HonorAfter a big week of wrestling news we had to record a show. What does ROH on Destination America mean for TNA? Is it still cancelled? Is it a ploy on the part of Destination America to bump ROH’s exposure before kicking Dixie to the curb? Rusev gets injured during a match with Ryback? is this another black eye for Ryback or just the way things go? Does this mean Lana is stuck with Dolph right now? Kevin Owens has a match with John Cena on the WWE Network only a few weeks after being hired by WWE. How is this even possible? Is it deserved? Can or will Kevin Owens be the next Daniel Bryan? All of this and plenty more so get to downloading. You have all weekend to listen after all.


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