Stunt Granny Conversation: Thorough Elimination Chamber Analysis



Jeremy: So what you think of Elimination Chamber?
Kevin: Another solid PPV again. The 1 shocking finish was the story of the night. I missed Rollins DQing himself the match during a Network burp, so I thought there were 2 shocking finishes for a moment.

Jeremy: If you would have seen the ending there was no chance it was going to stick. Owens going over clean was a shock. I mean no cheating, nothing.

Kevin: My thought was “Here’s another kick out” and wasn’t even really paying attention to the action. Oops.

Jeremy: Yes that was my thing. I missed the pop up and then saw him pinning Cena. When ref hit three, I just yelled “Oh my god.”

Kevin: I was half in the bag so I didn’t yell. I did sit up though. Always strikes me as weird when that happens right after they get out of a blood feud.

Jeremy: I just kept waiting for the Cena AA and then a handshake

Kevin: Cena makes it through Rusev just fine but he losses to the fat guy?
Jeremy: Yeah didn’t think of that. Lana did cost Rusev all his matches though
Kevin: I don’t even think of it that way. I know they’ve done the whole “He said I quit” “No I didn’t” but that to me isn’t her costing him a match. She did cost him the match at WM but it still wasn’t one of those big manager gaffes where you see the break up coming.

Jeremy: Right, the “I quit” still bugs me since JoJo or whoever said “literally say I quit” which never happened but whatever.
Kevin: Ha. The announce team isn’t smart enough to bring that topic up. It was weird hearing Lilian last night as though I feel like it’s been Jojo & Stardust’s wife doing the intro recently.
Jeremy: Well she is back from knee surgery and speaking Spanish just to show off. Dial it back toots we get it.

Kevin: Under the list of things I didn’t know and didn’t care about: Lilian Garcia’s knee injury. Also recently, Tamina’s torn ACL.
Jeremy: Poor Tamina. She has been around a long time to have nothing going on.

Kevin: She doesn’t even get the Hart Family pity party appearances that Natalya does.
Jeremy: Ha, who? exactly. its nice the three women they have focused on but anyone else is on the wayside. June is free! OK eff off with this already.
Kevin: You just need a new email to sign up right? They don’t accept repeat emails?

Jeremy: I am not sure, i think you have to give them a payment option cause if this keeps up, I will find 12 new email addresses. 3 consecutive months is just ridiculous
Kevin: I was trying not to get mad when we figured out they’d done it for half the year. Now it’s starting to be an issue.
Jeremy: Yes three months in a row is a but much

Kevin: It also screams “Our product isn’t doing as well as we wanted it to.”
Jeremy: This is the #2 issue for me. It is clear there is something up or you don’t keep giving it out. especially with new content being added.
Kevin: You have to wonder if/when things will go sideways. They have an audience and that’s about all you can ask for these days. Everyone’s audience seems to get smaller.

Jeremy: May be them playing ahead of that. Try and get more and more people hooked.

Kevin: Then why not start with a better deal? I’d probably be less annoyed if they gave new subscribers 3 free months than giving them out like candy. When you give someone that much free time, you forget easier that you will be charged for it that fourth month.

Jeremy: Yeah man I don’t get it. I don’t see Netflix giving people months at a time free but different animals since WWE is such a niche

Kevin: What do you think they’re waiting for to stop pulling these shenanigans? A real hard million subscriber count?

Jeremy: It has to be the only thing. A multi-month commitment of 1,000,000 subscribers. not even 999,999. but i am nto sure how you accomplish that by giving it away for free

Kevin: Neither do I. Weren’t we supposed to be talking about the PPV? Maybe it wasn’t as good as I thought since we got derailed so easily.

Jeremy: The event was fine. One really goof match. I cant get in to Rollins matches until they drop all the outside elements

Kevin: His matches have turned into a clown car mess. His character wouldn’t work without it, unfortunately. I do understand that thinking though. He’s not allowed to have a good match with those anchors tying him down.

Jeremy: Right because he never gets traction. Keep waiting for tat rug to get pulled out but no dice and no signs of it as well.
I wasn’t invested in that match knowing interference was coming and there was no chance Ambrose wins.
Kevin: I could really use a refresher on that match. Definitely nodded off during it. I was surprised Ambrose even got a visual win. Just expected the interference to cost Ambrose the match.
Jeremy: Yes that was the classic Dusty finish. Ambrose gets pin but is it taken away.

Kevin: People were having a ball with the Dusty finish last night. Again, something else I’ve forgotten about. All I think of every time that happens is “This finish is effing stupid.”

Jeremy: Yeah. Another name for that reaction is “Ah a Dusty finish.”

Kevin: I was too tired to even muster that last night. I just shut the lap top, took the contacts out and mozied into blissful sleep.
Jeremy: Damn man. Ryback winning the IC Title didn’t help.

Kevin: I went down to watch with the Lady for that match. I genuinely had no idea who was going to win it. All of the story line heat had been on Ziggler & Rusev. No surprise Dolph didn’t get another big win. But why did Ryback just lose to Bray Wyatt? Why wasn’t Wyatt the replacement instead of “We know he’s getting pinned easily” Mark Henry?

Jeremy: Wyatt doesn’t need the title i suppose. But now he can beat Ryback for it? Seemed a sure thing for Sheamus but now he and Ryback can big man match their way to Summerslam.

Kevin: I don’t mind that match up but it doesn’t seem to get to the logical conclusion. Big bad heel picks on little baby faces. LBFs end up finally being defended by a “Big Guy.” Other than Ziggler (who still isn’t that small), Sheamus hasn’t gotten his point across.
Jeremy: Rusev getting hurt changed plans. He has been pinned once. The second time would need to be a major deal. I had him tabbed to win. Further the Lana story if need be with Dolph. Now it is a weird point which you explained

Kevin: We talked about getting off the Ziggler fan train on SGA 304 but in this case, doesn’t it make more sense to give him the title? Have him go on a winning streak then have Rusev beat him when he comes back?
Jeremy: It is probably a point with management where they may say ” Why bother?” How many times has he been champ? It is Ryback’s first spin with it so it should have been a bigger deal. Either way they have a built in feud for Rusev in this case. Ziggler so he can punch around a pretty boy and Ryback to get back at the guy who ” hurt” him.
Kevin: That is true. What a flukey injury for Rusev too. How many times have you seen someone clunk their foot on a ring apron and be fine?
Jeremy: Makes no sense but then he is a subcompact so cant be too surprised. All that weight hitting that one spot. No inflated muscles on him
Kevin: Hahaha. The subcompact to describe his physique is killing me.
Jeremy: Well he appears short but he isn’t . He is just a mass of person. All man.,
Kevin: I’m not going to see him though which is a bummer. I’m excited for the Owens vs Cena rematch. Even the Money in the Bank contestants looked like they should put on a good match.
Jeremy: I don’t like the immediate rematch for Cena/Owens. Seems like a forgone conclusion for a Cena win and why would Owens even bother. He proved his point. Why the hell does Kofi qualify for a shot?
Kevin: He does great spots. It’s that simple. If you want a real functioning story line reason, everyone is going to draw a blank.
Jeremy: I am trying to think of the others but right now total blank.I know Bray isn’t in it. Neville and Kofi make no sense outside of spots. Which they should be good for.
Kevin: Reigns seems to be the heavy favorite to me. I think Ziggler is in there too.
Jeremy: Sheamus man. Heel needs to win but I have no idea.
Kevin: That should be amusing. It just dawned on The Lady that it’s only 2 weeks until she goes to another WWE event.
Jeremy: Yeah they are pumping it out now. Elimination Chamber being a straight up special was cool but can’t do it too much.
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