Stunt Granny Conversation: WWE Raw Talk



Jeremy: So, Raw…….wasnt too bad

Kevin: It wasn’t that bad before Payback either.
Jeremy: The Steen part was a pleasant surprise but it still followed the same formula. the opening segment took 7 min to get 1 minute of info out.

Kevin: I was surprised as I hadn’t seen Steen deliver anything yet in my viewing of him. I was glad not to see an official match during the challenge. Give Cena a break from time to time.
Jeremy: Yeah and now his first match is on Elimination Chamber. He didn’t look out of place but that gut has to go. Him stomping on the US belt was good and then they blow the shot of him doing the” You can’t see me” to Cena. Nice work dopes.

Kevin: I’m not as down on the gut (which should go) as the arms. Bray Wyatt pulls that look off well enough but it looks like he does some arm exercises. Do some curls Kevin, that’s all I’m asking for. Look like there might be a biceps muscle in there.
Jeremy: He has a weird physique but it worked so far. Bray also has the tats to cover up as well. Owens looks so different which is a positive.

Kevin: They’ve let the look slide more recently which is a positive trend in general.
Jeremy: Yeah, everyone looks the same and thus no one stands out. Where was Randy Orton?
Kevin: I don’t know. He didn’t even get the Roman Reigns treatment. Hey, please watch Smackdown, a big star will be there.
Jeremy: Yup that is what I was getting at. He seems stuck now. Not sure where to go with him as a face and all the heel feuds are played out.

Kevin: Orton did start with the fresh Rollins feud but that is a bit played out even if he hasn’t gotten a one on one shot at Rollins. All of the other new guys are baby face except for Bray Wyatt. They don’t seem to be on a crash course though.
Jeremy: I am not sure I know the Orton character now? What is he all about. I was thinking of that during Payback. Seth is the golden boy, Ambrose is the lunatic fringe, Roman is the up and coming strong type. Orton is relegated to the veteran which works in that match but outside of it I am not  sure what he is.

Kevin: He doesn’t have a character. As much as i bagged on the handling of Orton coming back from his hiatus, I never thought of his character per say. The Authority kept begging for the re-emergence of “The Viper” but he’d be a bit redundant with Ambrose around.
Jeremy: Well the ” Viper” was cold and mean? Where Orton now just wants to fight? part of his issue going forward I believe for me on the outside

Kevin: He needs an identity, which is weird for such a long running star. Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised because he has flipped face/heel more than anyone I can think of.
Jeremy: Another thing that doesn’t help but really they have rarely brought up family and you don’t know psychologically what gets at him. So the heel, if it isn’t a champion, offers nothing. it is a weird predicament for a face. At least as a heel he can be a dick and attack people.

Kevin: Or he ends up being Sheamus before the heel turn. Attacking heels before they have a comeuppance coming.
Jeremy: Yes and look what happened with Sheamus, finally a heel and booming again.
Kevin: I didn’t mind him as much as a baby face. Maybe I should since it’s an Irish stereotype, but at least he had a direction. Orton is rudderless.
Jeremy: Sheamus acted the same way really but now he talks back to the crowd. Instead of this pandering garbage he had been doing and made him hate-able. now if Ryback would drop the douchey “positive message” bullshit. they have a some big monster heels

Kevin: He’s an example of real life being too real for TV. His story sounded great on Jericho’s podcast but it doesn’t work on TV. I read last week where Adam Rose came off the same way on E:60. His story was great with his family but that doesn’t play on TV.
Jeremy: I think Adam Rose has the potential to turn that in to a storyline on TV. Ryback has to fight against the stereotype of being a monster with no brain goes against his nature. Adam Rose is a regular dude with a family struggling. Common man of sort but then his character is and can be fun so it is a conundrum

Kevin: I hope he’s the son of a plumber. I just liked Ryback being a dick and cracking on people. He can’t do that as a baby face.

Jeremy: Calling yourself The Big Guy is a dick move.
Kevin: As you point out too, they could use the heels. It’d make a fresh match up for Randy Orton.
Jeremy: Of all of the big men that could be a face, Bray Wyatt fits the mold. He talk smack and then wins unless it is the Undertaker.
Kevin: And his entrance is built on crowd participation. Drives me batty on a weekly basis. Hey crowd, get behind me, now I’m going to insult you.
Jeremy: When you name your fans tat is a face move unless it is sarcasm. But then he doesn’t really insult them direct. It is all misdirection. He calls out the generic: you” and then gos on blathering

Kevin: That is very true. Any chance he gets Harper & Rowan back now that they are back together?
Jeremy: I never thought of that until I read someones review of the show. It is enough right now to have the two of them back together. I also understand keeping them out of the Elimination Chamber because they would tower over all the teams.
Kevin: I understand the reasoning but it’s still funny that “No one can stop them” was the theme of that match last night. I suppose no one is stopping them, the Elimination Chamber is.
Jeremy: Yes indeed. Just imagine the crazy bumps the Lucha Dragons will be taking when they run in to each other? One way around this is to get rid of the fake Mexican team and but the swamp boys in. Also, how weird was it not seeing the Usos involved?
Kevin: I hadn’t thought about the Usos until last night. I was half expecting them to make a come back with the number of teams involved in a Chamber match. I’m not sure if it was Jimmy or Jey that got hurt but it sucks for both of them. At least I answered one of your questions. Sin Cara gets to take all the bumps so that Kalisto, aka what the WWE really wanted in the original Sin Cara, can look like Rey Mysterio 2.0.
Jeremy: Kalisto seems prime to be the rag doll getting obliterated by power moves and it should look incredible.
Kevin: That’s exactly why I think to myself, why isn’t Kalisto selling? The WWE is actually in need of pimping their tag teams more. I don’t feel like the Lucha Dragons got much beyond their opening push. The Prime Time Players reunited and have only funny sketches to show for it. We all know Los Matadores are the jobbers of the division but they haven’t gotten much TV time.
Jeremy: Yes the Lucha Dragons are MIA on Raw. So last night seemed better seeing them show up. Titus is dad of year man. I mean they have to be used now.
Kevin: I have yet to not laugh at Titus. I don’t care how old he is. Make him Stevie Ray 2.0 if you don’t think Darren Young cuts it in any way.
Jeremy: Give the guy a chance, Who did he toss last night like a pillow? That was impressive
Kevin: Oh, I thought dad of the year was an insult. I like Titus in the ring too. I don’t think he’ll be silky smooth but he has a ridiculous power game.
Jeremy: He looks differnt too, well, as outside of Big E, Xavier and Kofi. New Day rocks and all look the same.
Kevin: Is that sarcasm or serious? Maybe it’s just because they have three way different body types that I don’t think of them as rocking the same look. Three different hairdos. Kofi & Xavier both wear pants to Big E’s singlet.
Jeremy: Damnit Kevin.
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