Stunt Granny Audio 313

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Chris & Kevin are back again and ready to talk some Tough Enough. Chris is at least since he caught the who show and Tough Talk. Kevin heard plenty though in the last fifteen minutes of Tough Talk to be able to navigate the show. Is it a blessing in disguise for Patrick to be cut this early? Which Tough Enough winner has done the best in their WWE run? How well are the contestants walking the tight rope of being cocky without being too cocky? The guys get into Raw talk by talking about the Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker brawl. Is it just nit picking to wonder why the Undertaker hadn’t taken this course of action earlier? Why did he even bother with Bray Wyatt at Wrestlemania? When was the last time a pull apart brawl happened that involved the locker room? Was it a surprise to see Kevin Steen in the group? Who was held out to keep them protected? Chris & Kevin move into talk about the Divas. Was two matches on Raw a good start to the Diva Revolution? Will Stephanie get pushed more than the talent who has to execute this revolution? Should that word not be used on TV? Will Seth Rollins’s next feud be with John Cena or Kane? If Sting joins Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns to take on The Wyatt Family, who will be their third person since Erick Rowan has been fed the gators in the swamp? Is Rusev really sympathetic? Chris & Kevin finish by talking about Chris’s trip around the brew pubs of Kalamazoo. What is Kevin’s Sippy Time Beer for SGA 313? Find out when you click the link below!

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