Stunt Granny Presents: OHPA 55 – Dragon Ball Z “Resurrection F”

I saved this from

I saved this from

Ken & Kevin are back and they have with them their first ever guest, Julia from Anime Punch. She is an expert in all things Dragon Ball Z (and Trigun but that’s for another episode) so we brought her on to help us review the latest movie, Resurrection F. We start by going over the basics of what got us into Dragon Ball Z in the first place. What dumb story does Kevin have attached to his DBZ watching? How hard was it for Ken to video tape all of the episodes on Toonami? What hooked Julia in? They finally move on to analysis of the movie itself. Why does Kevin encourage everyone to stay through the final credits if they see the movie? Which movie did Julia watch that your co-hosts missed? How does this movie fit in time line wise with some of the other DBZ movies and side projects? How well did they cover for the projects that Akira Toriyama didn’t like? Why would anyone want to resurrect Freeza? Who was Ken’s favorite new character? Why are so many of the character named after food items? Why is Piccolo always the baby sitter? What is Gohan’s role in this movie? Was this movie worth seeing? What other events will Anime Punch be hosting in the near future? Find out when you click the link below!

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