Stunt Granny Audio 323

Ashley Benson was the first Ashley to come up. From

Ashley Benson was the first Ashley to come up. From

Kevin takes Chris down memory lane because of the Pittsburgh Penguins playing the Tampa Bay Lightning in Johnstown PA. What “present” did Kevin receive coming back from a Johnstown Chiefs game on his birthday? The duo moves on to Raw, but how much more is there to talk about that hasn’t been gone over recently? Why didn’t the Kane angle continue knowing that the Hell In A Cell PPV isn’t until October 25th? Wasn’t Ashley from HR one of the better non-wrestler actresses in wrestling history? How does New Day continue to be a shining light in this sea of mediocrity? How long has Big Show really been irrelevant? Does it still make sense to have him have a match with Brock Lesnar? How many times can the guys say the Divas are a bunch of catty bitches? The guys wrap up by talking about Sippy Time Beer, as usual. Grab your own beverage and click the link below.

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