Stunt Granny Audio 330

Calvin & Hobbes saved from Bill Watterson is still awesome.

Calvin & Hobbes saved from Bill Watterson is still awesome.

Jeremy & Kevin are back at it since Chris is out wining & dining. Though they got through their last episode on a happy note, they can’t spin the WWE’s ratings again. How can they get any lower? Can they really use football as an excuse any more? Is it as bad as Fifty Shades of Grey? How about Battleship? Who is mailing it in more, Liam Neeson or Zeb Colter as the leader of MexAmerica? Why does Alberto Del Rio even have a mouth piece? Is the WWE as bad as country music? What station was Kevin forced to listen to while working as a teenager? Why does Jeremy read their list of DJs on the show? They get on back on the WWE track and wonder why Sheamus was the fourth person mentioned on Monday Night Raw. Can you the WWE please just consistently push someone? Anyone? Can we even understand the writing process for WWE TV without being in the room? Are the guys considering selling their Wrestlemania tickets already? Will they purchase tickets for Raw the next night? They talk that and more so click on the link below!

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