Stunt Granny Audio 331 – League of Nations & More WWE Nonsense

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Chris & Kevin are back together.They get to continue a conversation started last week with Jeremy. Was this Raw better or worse than the previous week? Why is the League of Nations together? Why were Zeb Colter and Lana absent from their unification? Will they manage the team together? Has the WWE done good building up any of these members even on their own? Is New Day being over exposed? Would they be better off having just a feud with the Usos? What have the Lucha Dragons done to get put in such odd spots? What is to be made of the entire Divas Division? Who comes off looking good in the Paige, Charlotte and Becky trio? Why wasn’t the Bellas absence not explained before this past Raw? Chris & Kevin end by talking a little bit about Ring of Honor. How much jeopardy is their main event for Final Battle in? How enjoyable is War Machine? Is Adam Cole just doing promos for a WWE Audition? Is Michael Bennett useful with Matt Taven? Find out the answer to these questions and more when you click the link below.

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