Stunt Granny Audio 333 – Roman Reigns, More Roman Reigns & ROH


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Chris & Kevin talk about Roman Reigns. And more about Roman Reigns. Did we mention that we talked about Roman Reigns? Rusev and Ryback make a short appearance but then more gets said about Roman Reigns. Can this be what turns around the WWE’s ratings plunge? Will he have his feud with HHH at the Royal Rumble or Wrestlemania? How many big names could be involved in the Royal Rumble itself? Would they be a better fit to fight Reigns at Wrestlemania? Could a rematch with Brock Lesnar be on the horizon? Is there anything else from Raw worth tlaking about? Are the Divas still in the same rut? Does Bray Wyatt crack the conversation? How about Dean Ambrose? Kevin Owens? Wade Barrett? Chris & Kevin do find the time to talk about Impact Werstling having it’s last show on Destination America this week. They end by talking about this week’s ROH. Did the guys have the same complaints about the handling of Dalton Castle as they did at the beginning of this angle? Did ROH already give out who their champion is going to be in the future? Did they finally do a good hype job for a pay per view? Why do they still have them on Friday night? Chris & Kevin answers those questions all while dodging the demons of half of 666 in the link below.

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