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Moving the beer from the brew kettle to the primary fermenter. - Kevin DiFrango

Moving the beer from the brew kettle to the primary fermenter. – Kevin DiFrango

So that my beer had sufficient time to ferment in time for Saint Patrick’s Day, I brewed this past week. Jeremy has requested that I do videos. Maybe that will happen in the future. What I will bring to the table is some information on the update on the Stunt Granny Brewing Kissing Cousins Irish Red Ale.

When I made version 1.0 for the wedding, I was trying to follow a clone recipe of Three Floyds Brian Boru Irish Red Ale. If a beer is going to be claimed as your own, I feel like one needs to make their own recipe. So that is what was brewed this weekend.

I’m trying to get a little more red flavor in there than the toasty deeper red that is found in a majority of red. I lightened up the Pale 2 Row Dry Malt Extract with a bit of Pilsner Dry Malt Extract. For the specialty grain part of the beer, I also used Rahr Red Wheat, Crystal 40 and Crystal 60 just to give it a little bit of that darkness. I tried a new technique for soaking the specialty grain to help get more quality out of it. The process added about an hour to the brewing time so I do hope that it helps.

As for the hops, it is a low dose since it’s a malty beer. I used Willamette as the bittering hops and Fuggle as the taste/early aromatic hops. Since I got a few new toys over Christmas, I will be setting aside two gallons for two one gallon secondaries. Each one will get either Willamette or Fuggle to dry hop. Three gallons will be set aside for regular consumption.

Dave Bautista from the Spectre interviews on

Dave Bautista from the Spectre interviews on

I did a search of Spectre on Stunt Granny and didn’t get any results so I’m assuming We Watch Stuff never covered Dave Bautista‘s big role in the movie. He played his role well. It wasn’t quite as large as I had expected from the trailers that I saw but it was still a fairly large role. I am quite amused that his dialog was exactly one word. I didn’t think his dialogue could be less than he had in Guardians of the Galaxy. – Kevin

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