Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of WWE NXT – 2 March ’16

Coup De Grace by mqken from which I haven't used in a while.

Coup De Grace by mqken from which I haven’t used in a while.

Aiden English & Simon Gotch, The Vaud-Villians, vs Hugo Knox & Tucker Knight – Knox & Knight were two very large gentlemen. They held up their end of the bargain but need some seasoning. A Running Neck breaker finished off Knight in fairly short order. Squash matches, regular feature of NXT.

Dana Brooke & Emma gloat about being right about Deonna Pirrazzo losing to Asuka. Emma says she’s going to make an example out of her opponent tonight. Dana Brooke does the head pat which is supposed to be emasculating. I don’t know why. It gets heat from me for all the wrong reasons.

Big Cass does all the talking and says that they know Dash & Dawson are cowards because of their style of attack. They’re gunning for them. Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder don’t think it’s worth giving Big Cass & Enzo a Title shot. Immediately after that promo, the match is confirmed for Toronto. You really should have held off on that announcement until next week.

Emma hits the ring with Dana Brooke. Santana Garrett is her opponent. Santana does seem to have some chance to crack the NXT roster at least. She lost to Emma with the Emma Lock. I have enjoyed Emma since they made her close to an equal with Brooke. Corey Graves pointed it out though, these two ladies need some wins especially to keep their “superior” gimmick. This type of match is a good start.

William Regal is joined by Eva Marie & Nia Jax. Regal agrees that they should see better competition. Regal gives them a match against Bayley & Asuka.

William Regal introduces Austin Aries as the newest signing for NXT. I’m pretty excited. I enjoyed his work most of his run in TNA. I can’t say that about most guys. Baron Corbin attacks him. He finishes the assault with an End of Days on the floor.

Steve Cutler vs Elias Samson – Cutler was a pretty big guy so Samson’s power offense looked even rougher than normal. They just need to give Samson a character already though. Corey Graves was pointing it out. Samson is a big guy but not a monster. He can’t just rely on nice, rough wins.

The Hype Bros do a half decent promo about cutting back on partying and focusing on being a great team. They’re going to show their new found ways against the Vaud Villains who have attacked the in silent movies. The Vaud Villains come out from the back and act like they’ve learned something important.

Neville vs Finn Balor – As one would expect, these two had a very good match. I haven’t seen Neville in a long match so it was good to see this. His NXT reigns is not a thought for me. Finn Balor won with the Coup De Grace and a brain buster.

Samoa Joe & Sami Zayn get to give their thoughts about the match situation next week. They both make valid points and antagonize one another. Good exchange without a brawl.

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