Wrestlemania 32 Preview – The Divas Match and the Triple Threat for the Divas Title

Saved from WWE.com

Saved from WWE.com

Jeremy & Kevin recorded this show before the reveal of Eva Marie on this past Monday’s Raw. But what did the WWE really establish for this match other than Lana not liking Brie Bella? Speaking of Brie, is her new retirement date going to be Wrestlemania? Was it more curious because it might be linked to health issues for Daniel Bryan? Could that be why Bryan appearances have been canceled recently? Is there a bold prediction to be made by who wins this match? Jeremy & Kevin move along to the more anticipated Divas match of the evening between Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch and champion Charlotte. Is the WWE still backing into another good Divas match instead of building them a nice feud for them like they had on NXT? The guys don’t know a likely outcome but do discuss the various ways each Diva could capitalize on a victory. Would Charlotte drop Ric Flair from her act finally? Would finally give “The Boss” character a much needed boost? How about Lynch winning after not having held the NXT Women’s Title? Which of the three Divas will your hosts pick? Find out by clicking the link below.

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