Wrestlemania 32 Preview – Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal and Chris Jericho vs AJ Styles

Saved from richestnetworth.org

Saved from richestnetworth.org

Jeremy & Kevin found the time to talk about the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Do they talk about the placement of the match more than the participants in the match? Is there anyone possibly in this match that can get a push out of the victory? Who will your hosts pick to win this trash of a match? They move along to AJ Styles taking on Chris Jericho? Has Jericho finally gotten back into our good graces with his recent heel work? When will Jericho take off again? Will Styles finally be given mic time after this feud? How good will this match be? Could it be a show stealer? Styles has to win this match though, right? Is that Jeremy & Kevin’s prediction? Find out by clicking the link below.

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