Stunt Granny Conversation: What Is The Problem With The Ratings?

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Jeremy: Corey Graves is killing it on commentary this week. No different than ever but was cracking me up during The Drifters entrance.

Kevin: I still haven’t watched. We got caught up watching a Restaurant Impossible because it was a place here in Cbus.

Jeremy: Interesting ratings talk in observer. The male ti female viewership is 60/40 men. It was 80/20. It isn’t an increase in women watching it is a decrease in men. They are basically doing a 2.2 rating. Yikes.

Kevin: That is pretty bad. Not sure they have a solution either. The new blood will help but I still don’t see any of them as generational talents.

Jeremy: He had little to say other than the same old, same old. No stars, 50/50 booking. Show is too long. Everything but saying, um, third hour crashed with their chosen guy in the main event.

Kevin: Everyone knows to tune out after WM because the story lines go bad all the time except this year.

Jeremy: Well ratings have gone down on consecutive weeks for the third hour so the people who did are tuning out.

Kevin: You’re really on this topic. Didn’t feel like Reigns bothered you too much. Why such an obsession with it?

Jeremy: No no, just pointing it out. there is something there man, i mean right? Form this time last year they have lost near 2 million viewers. That isn’t Reigns fault. I will be curious to see if they take him out of that slot this Monday. Not as punishment but to see if the ratings trend better. Also, if they do put him in that spot it would have to be against a better opponent. But then no one is really on fire which i believe is  50/50 the issue.

Kevin: I think it’s being generous calling their  booking 50/50. I’d lean 70/30 to the face side which is the opposite of what it should be.

Jeremy: Hmm, possibly/probably. The hottest heel is Chris Jericho. No one else comes to mind. I mean Kevin Owens keeps losing.

Kevin: And Jericho is on a one match winning streak.

Jeremy: Who has he lost to since WM? In my memory, so that that for what it is worth, he hasn’t lost in a while. Why did we expect him to lose at WM?

Kevin: He hasn’t lost to anyone since WM because he hasn’t wrestled anyone! Makes it an easy task.

Jeremy: See, hottest heel.

Kevin: Hahaha. The WWE could start there. Jericho is still getting a mixed reaction because people don’t want to boo a veteran like him even though he’s going for boos. I just think we’re getting into some weird territory and no one knows what to do. Seth Rollins wasn’t really the answer last year. Maybe he didn’t lose viewers but he didn’t bring anyone in either.

Jeremy: He also started a feud with Kane. As much as I like Kane and he deserves all respect, it wasn’t a good fit. Also, being overshadowed by Triple H and Steph was a problem. When he beat Dean Ambrose clean and with no sign of The Authority I thought that is was finally time for him. No one has been able to get traction with the trading of wins and loses and also with the Authority team making the other wrestlers look weak. If you are going with the evil bosses over and over, you need a ridiculous strong babyface.  They give us moping fucks when they get threatened or get “fired.”

Kevin: That’s why I’ve harped on the long term view of the new set up with “Shane” heading Raw. Is he responsible for the plummet in viewers for the third hour or is it more Reigns fault? Did The Authority actually maintain that many viewers? I don’t feel like the drop off was as bad but there was one. I haven’t looked at the numbers well so I’m not entirely sure. Does that mean the Authority comes back on Sunday?

Jeremy: I would say so and I think that is still a mistake. I think the premise now with new faces and less oversight with a terrible boss scenario has run its course. Also, let the wrestlers do the talking and not a stationary person./ Even though Shane will wrestle if needed. They need to grab a handful of guys and put them in a protection bubble. They have done it with Reigns so screw it and add some more. Make them the focus and see what happens. I think letting the crowd decide who to boo and cheer will help as well. Raw’s viewership continued to sink this past week, averaging 3.128 million with an overall rating of 2.2. This is down 25% since the post-WrestleMania Raw. Yikes.

Kevin: I’m like you, I fear the worst AKA The Authority comes back but it’s not a big enough sample size to judge on whether to bring them back again like they did with the Cena story line. Let Shane and the “new” style of booking roll until Summerslam. I know that’s arbitrary but seems like a decent length of time to develop new personalities in a new setting.

Jeremy: The show isn’t going to get cancelled so there is no reason to worry about ratings currently. yeah I know we are talking about them but as far as WWE is concerned keep rolling. The last thing the product/brand/show need is more talking and turmoil with people who won’t wrestle. Let us praise and like Triple H for NXT and leave him off TV or have him be a face.

Kevin: HHH hasn’t been the problem for me in a long while. It’s clear he doesn’t favor the evil authority from his work in NXT where William Regal makes rare appearances and even when a heel dislikes his decisions, Regal isn’t the one stepping into the ring to settle the problem.

Jeremy: Yep with ya on that one. I think know he is smart enough to realize that as well. Why else would he cut that promo before WrestleMania into he crowd and Roman. It was good heel stuff. He was doing his damnedest to get Roman over and even he couldn’t. They have a good crop of talented people in the ring so it is on the backstage jokers to get their act together. They can do it without junking everything so far.

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