Stunt Granny Audio 351 – Payback, Ryback and the Rest of WWE Raw

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Kevin is joined by usual partner Chris and special guest Shahid while Jeremy suns himself on the beaches of Mexico. They start by talking about Ryback and how he and Kalisto got pushed to the pre-show of Payback. That might have been the last straw which enabled him to write this tumblr post after being sent home but does he have anywhere to go in the WWE? Did too many people jump in front of him after his time challenging CM Punk for the WWE World Title? Can we chalk up all of his problems to bad timing? Would he have worked better in a different era? Would he be better off in New Japan? Chris, Kevin & Shahid move on to talking about the continued quality of Raw. Is it good news that Stephanie has pulled back a little bit on her heel antics to counter balance Shane McMahon? Is Vince McMahon still calling the shots? Why is the WWE doing a better job of keeping story lines coherent? Does the Roman Reigns versus AJ Styles have just the right amount of gray area to make fans root both ways? Will it help or hurt the Usos to be associated with Reigns? Are Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows just Styles’s knuckle head buddies or is something still looming on the horizon? Are the women better off in this environment too? Even though the Chicago Screwjob wasn’t the best choice of vehicles, didn’t it act as a good reason to get a rematch between Natalya & Charlotte at Extreme Rules? Hasn’t everyone been saying exactly what Stephanie did to Ric Flair? The guys have a bunch of other smaller topics but wrap it up by talking about Eric Young‘s appearance in NXT. Why do people freak out about his appearance? Even if you don’t like him, couldn’t he be used well as an enhancement talent? None of your hosts are enhancement talent so click on the link below to enjoy this excellent show!

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