Stunt Granny Audio 360 – Raw Attendance & The Final Deletion

Saved from who saved it from TNA's Twitter account.

Saved from who saved it from TNA’s Twitter account.

Chris, Jeremy & Kevin were behind the microphones tonight for a special edition of the Stunt Granny Audio. All were looking forward to the show as they timed it to finish the show so that they could do running commentary for the #TheFinalDeletion of Brother Nero at the hands of “Broken” Matt Hardy. They start off by talking about the second vignette when rising star Senor Benjamin is setting up the “Battleground” and had to douse it in gasoline. Is New Day going to the Wyatt Family Compound a direct rip off of it? Will the WWE be able to recreate the ridiculousness of the Hardy videos? If New Day is allowed to do their own skits, shouldn’t they be able to produce a good skit at the Compound? So, how was attending Raw on Monday night for Kevin? Now that short boring story got covered, back to the match itself between Jeff & Matt Hardy. Did it live up to expectations? Find out when you click the below!

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