Stunt Granny Audio 377 – Hell In A Cell, Smackdown & Billy Corgan

The WWE's Hell In A Cell. Saved from

The WWE’s Hell In A Cell. Saved from

Chris & Kevin start off the show by talking about all of the goings on in Cleveland and whether Columbus is jealous of it. After briefly talking about the fandom levels of the local teams, they move on to the regular subject of professional wrestling. How was the hype for the Hell In A Cell PPV on Sunday? Which of the three matches fits the mold best for a HIAC match? Is it the historic Charlotte vs Sasha Banks Women’s Championship match? Is it the Rusev vs Roman Reigns US Championship match? How about Seth Rollins taking on Kevin Owens for the Universal Championship? They move on to talk about the biggest bomb segment of the night involving Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman? Why did the WWE think Lesnar was going to get booed in his college home town? Chris & Kevin then move to Smackdown and talk about the Dean Ambrose, AJ Styles & James Ellsworth drama. How well have Becky Lynch & Alexa Bliss been portrayed as opposed to their counter parts on Raw? Why did Nikki Bella win the captaincy of the Smackdown women if Lynch is almost assuredly going to be on the team? Is the Randy Orton twist of joining The Bray Wyatt & the Family a good one? Will Rhyno be part of the Tag Team Champions as an elected official? The guys wrap up the show by talking about Billy Corgan’s unsealed court documents that put out into the public the financial problems of I pact Ventures and Dixie Carter? How soon can Corgan take over? How many years would it take the repair the damage already done? What is the ceiling for a wrestling company if the WWE can’t get hot? Find out that and more when you click on the link below.

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