Stunt Granny Audio Presents: We Watch Stuff #76


This week “We Watch Stuff” starts off with a bunch of old man talk about doctors, chiropractors and pedicures. Eventually they get in to the big topics like the Logan trailer. So is this a comics movie or just a regular movie containing a superhero? What would the movie gong audience prefer going forward; a standalone film or a film closely grounded in continuity? So what is going on with Deadpool 2? The director walks before production starts but why? Who is right? Could Deadpool work as a big budget movie and still stay true to its roots?  By the way; where are all of the Mexican superheroes? The boys ponder this for a good while before making a surprising discovery. Of course they talk about the season premiere of The Walking Dead. Was it too violent or was it the psychological breakdown of Rick that made the episode near unbearable? Why is violence acceptable but words and frontal nudity of any sort is consider taboo still? There is much more so all you have to do is download and give it a listen.

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