Stunt Granny Audio Presents: We Watch Stuff #82

This week We Watch Stuff is nothing but positive in the face of silly criticism.  The boys start the show talking about the Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer and somehow barely mention Spider-Man or Tom Holland. How does this happen you may ask? Well, the boys talk about casting and how Marvel has changed the ethnicity of characters with no complaints other than Zendaya supposedly playing Mary Jane. Who the hell is Liz Allan anyway? Id Michael Keaton shaping up to be the best Spider-Man villain so far? How many people got a limited amount of screen time in the trailer? Just how many people are in this movie anyway? The rest of the show is all about The Fast & Furious and the new “The Fate of The Furious” trailer and franchise. Listen, no rally listen to the show, because there is a lot going on here and a write up won’t do it justice. Is this the greatest movie franchise in history? Who is our boys favorite character? How does this franchise get Academy Award winners in their films? How has one guy fundamentally controlled this franchise unabated? How do you pitch a movie where the fan favorite seemingly goes bad? Oh, yes there is plenty of reaction and talk about the submarine. Yes, the submarine chasing our heroes. Trust us, there is a lot going on this episode and it is all enjoyable so get to listening, won’t you?


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