Stunt Granny Audio 392 – NXT Takeover & Royal Rumble Review

The Alamodome is seen from the upper stands prior to the field painting for the 2013 Alamo Bowl featuring Oregon and Texas. (Michael Arellano/Emerald)

Kevin is joined by Shahid Abdul Hadi to talk about his experiences at the Royal Rumble. They kick the show off though by talking about the other event of the weekend, NXT Takeover: San Antonio. Were all of the losers at Takeover expected to move on to the main roster? How is it that Tye Dillinger was the only one to do so though? How odd was it that Bobby Roode exploited an injury to defeat Shinsuke Nakamura? Why is that such a heelish maneuver in professional wrestling? Why are the Authors of Pain indicitve of a lot of the roster of NXT right now? Is Asuka stuck in NXT until she can be pushed as a monster? Would Raw or Smackdown Live be a better destination for her? The guys move along to the Royal Rumble event itself and have some small thoughts on the pre-show matches. They move along to the four championship matches. They start off with the Grinch named Roman Reigns. But why was he a Grinch if Kevin Owens retained the Title? Did Chris Jericho distract everyone from seeing Braun Strowman interfere? How long was that walk way? When did Shahid realize that they used a cart to bring some of the larger wrestlers to the ring? They move along to Charlotte retaining against Bayley. Why did Charlotte’s victory seem out of the blue when it is an established finisher? Why did Shahid choose to go to the concession stand when Rich Swann took on Neville? How late into the John Cena vs AJ Styles match was it when he got back to his seat? The guys wrap up the show by talking about Randy Orton winning the Rumble itself. What implications did it have on Cena’s win? Why does everyone think it was such a set back? This show won’t set you back one cent so click on the link below.

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