Stunt Granny Audio 416 – Great Balls of Fire, G1 In The USA & NXT

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Chris & Kevin are a day late because of the holiday but that allowed them to talk about what they drank and even more wrestling. Raw and their upcoming PPV Great Balls of Fire was the first topic of conversation. How much are the guys looking forward to Samoa Joe taking on Brock Lesnar? Can much more be said about this feud that hasn’t been covered already? Hasn’t the Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns feud been enjoyable too? Does the outcome of this match have any impact on who might win the main event? Where will Dean Ambrose go after losing to the Miz on Sunday? Would it help to turn Ambrose heel? Why is Finn Balor feuding with Elias Samson? Will Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss get more time to feud? The guys move along to Smackdown Live which had two good segments, John Cena being the John Cena of late and the rap battle between the Usos and New Day. Who was looking forward to another Rusev loss to Cena? Why was poor Wale stuck giving the win to New Day when the Usos clearly won? Chris & Kevin move along to New Japan Pro Wrestling and their G1 in The USA special from this past week. What is the best way to view their product? Are they starting to get some traction in the US? How well does NJPW tell stories in the ring as opposed to the WWE telling them on the mic? They end by talking about NXT. So, when is Tomasso Ciampa coming back? Will Johnny Gargano look like the above picture when Ciampa comes back? How far out of your way should you go to watch Asuka vs Nikki Cross? You don’t need to go far to listen to this show. Just click the link below!

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