Stunt Granny Audio Presents: OHPA 89 – First Dates, Cough Syrup, Juicero and The Red Sox

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Ken & Kevin are hitting the hard topics this week such as “Why drop a double on the first date at someone’s apartment?” What hilarity ensues there after? Just how gross does this situation become? Will there be a second date? The guys move from bad dates to bad marriages. What happened when the husband “overdosed” on cough syrup? Is that even possible? Have either of your hosts “Robo-tripped” before? Their next topic is about Juicero, which died a fairly swift death in the market after great hype. Why was it hyped in the first place? Did investors get ripped off as much as they did with the Chinese “Hovering” bus? Where was the CEO when the company was going under? What craziness was he involved in while the company was still running? Ken & Kevin sure do love to pick on Boston so of course they talked (about the now “old”) allegations that the Red Sox stole signs from the New York Yankees with an Apple Watch. If you’re going to cheat, could you be a little less obvious? Why is the line drawn at technology when everyone knows people are stealing signs any way? What local company’s beers were they drinking this week for the Bell Time Beer? Find out when you click the link.

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