Stunt Granny Audio 426 – Mae Young Classic & Sin City SD Live

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Jeremy, Kevin & Shahid joined forces after the Finals of the Mae Young Classic to talk about Kairi Sane winning the tournament. How good did Shayna Bayzler look in defeat? Will Sane get a chance at the Women’s NXT Title with Asuka vacating it? Will this question be answered before we finish the show? What other highlights from the tournament did the guys talk about? How strange was it for Stephanie McMahon to be all smiles at the Tournament when a half an hour earlier her elderly father Vince McMahon took a vicious beating from Kevin Owens? Is she ready to hit him for real for taking these chances? When was the last time Vince took a beating like this one? Speaking of beatings, when was Brock Lesnar on the receiving end of a beat down like the one at the hands of Braun Strowman? Is the WWE putting over Strowman too strong? Is Strowman going to lose at No Mercy? Why did Jinder Mahal get a promo on Smackdown Live but Shinsuke Nakamura was glaringly absent? Why has The Miz become the messenger for misanthropes like Enzo Amore? How many of the fans know about all of the dirt The Miz threw out there? And why did the WWE position The Miz to be the baby face? What other weirdness did they cover in the WWE? Find out by clicking the link below!

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