Stunt Granny Audio 431 – Under Seige, Finn Balor and Impact Wrestling

Under Seige still shot saved from Rotten Tomatoes.

Chris & Kevin are back for another week of professional wrestling entertainment. So long as Shane McMahon is hell bent on calling what happened at the end of Raw, Under Seige, Kevin is going to oblige with as many Steven Segal references as humanly possible. The guys talk about what was good and what was bad about the invasion. Was it a good idea to have Raw skip their retaliation the next evening on Smackdown Live? Will Shane eventually turn heel since Daniel Bryan disagreed with his tactics? Or is this all just part of the weirdness that is Survivor Series with split brands? Is this the first year that they’ve made this pay per view a champion vs champion show? How many of these match ups are you excited for? Jinder Mahal vs Brock Lesnar sure isn’t one we are looking forward to. Is there a chance that Charlotte becomes champion on SDL since Alexa Bliss vs Natalya is a heel vs heel match up? Will the Miz or Baron Corbin drop their titles in the mean time since they’re in the same position? Could Asuka benefit from being a sole survivor since her debut against Emma wasn’t good? Was the biggest mistake of the week Finn Balor losing to Kane cleanly and soundly on Raw? Couldn’t the WWE have trotted out someone like Matt Hardy to do the same thing? Last but not least, we finally talk about Impact Wrestling again. Will Jeff Jarrett getting the boot help? Why did Kevin watch the show this past week? Will it make him tune in next week? If you want to tune into our show this week, click on the link below.

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