Stunt Granny Audio 437 – NXT, Women’s Royal Rumble & Everything Else

Photo saved from Copyright to WWE.

Chris & Kevin are your guides on the wrestling that has taken place in the WWE. For the second straight week the Stunt Granny staff has waited until after NXT aired to record. Did the WWE Network get any extra viewers after last week’s show on USA? Did the 90 minute show draw them in extra viewers? Why did Kevin only see two matches? How high is the ceiling for Lars Sullivan? Can the WWE please stop using Roderick Strong‘s sob story only to have him lose? Pete Dunne & Tyler Bate had a third great match, so what now for the UK Championship? Will it become a regular part of WWE programming? Could 205 Live be in their future? The guys move along to the big announcement of the week, the women of the WWE being given their very own Royal Rumble match. How many women are on both rosters currently? How easily can they fill the remaining spots? When will it fall on the Rumble card itself? The other big news coming out of Raw was the injury to Dean Ambrose? Do we know how long he will be on the shelf? Has The Shield reunion been underwhelming? Will Roman Reigns lose the cheers he has gained? Could it be made more obvious that Kane is going to take the pin in his match at the Rumble with Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman? On the Smackdown Live brand, did anything happen? Sure Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon had a contentious meeting but did it resolve anything? Who will be AJ Styles opponent for the Rumble? Did the Usos lose a little too easily to Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin? What else happened in the world of WWE this week? Find out when you click the link below.

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