Stunt Granny Audio Presents : OHPA 90 – Walmart, Abandoned Resort, Shane McMahon and

An abandoned resort in the Poconos in PA. Saved from Pictures by Matt Hurst & Katie Rey.

Ken & Kevin are back behind the microphone and they’re talking about Walmart delivering goods to your home, while you’re not home. Does that sound like a good idea? What could go wrong? Something definitely went wrong in the Poconos in Pennsylvania or else there wouldn’t be multiple abandoned buildings there. Pablo Iglesias Mauer took the time to find brochures from these resorts then take pictures of how they look now. How good of a quality is the architecture? Do they know why the resorts ended up closing? Ken & Kevin don’t get around to talking about professional wrestling on this podcast often but they did talk about Shane McMahon‘s recent Hell In a Cell match with Kevin Owens. Is Shane’s best skill in life falling from tall places? How have his business ventures gone? The funny business in Cuba is still happening with the sonic noise problems. Is it possible that the problems are caused by Mass Hysteria? As usual, they finish up by talking about the Bell Time Beer of the show. Click the link below, we promise it’ll be a mass hysteria of laughter.

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