Stunt Granny Audio Presents – OHPA 95 – Exoplanets, Dating Robots and Penis Whitening

From Shutterstock/Willyam Bradberry

Ken & Kevin are on the technology trail in this episode of OHPA. They start with Google’s AI finding a new exo-planet near Kepler-90. How much data did the computer need to sift through? How long would that have taken a human? What parameters does it use to find exo-planets? Now that artificial intelligence can find exo-planets for us, was it time for Saudi Arabia to make an AI robot named Sophia a citizen? If that isn’t strange enough news, how about the fact that young people surveyed in the United Kingdom were ready to start dating robots? What types of robots would your hosts date? Is it too early to start worrying about robots taking over the world yet? Last on their list of topics is a procedure in Thailand to whiten your penis. What drives a man to worry about such a procedure? Will it really help with the ladies? Is this why people are ready to start dating robots? The guys end on the Bell Time Beer of the Week which will be featured in tomorrow’s Best of Write Up from our staff.

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