Stunt Granny Audio 483 – Crown Jewel Fumbles, English TV Shows and “The Man” Becky Lynch

Stunt Granny LTD/ Kevin DiFrango

Chris, Jeremy & Kevin are back and they’re ready to talk about some wrestling. Why did they start with Crown Jewel though? Did you know it took place in Crown Jewel? Is that near Death Valley? Or Parts Unknown? Was it just a bad idea to have Undertaker & Kane take on HHH & Shawn Michaels? Even before the early injury to HHH? Has it really been 9 years since Michaels last wrestled? How many people were excited about Braun Strowman losing to Brock Lesnar? Will Lesnar head into a UFC cage with the Universal Title? Does the loss make sense if Strowman is going to need to leave because of injury? Who does that leave for Lesnar to wrestle? Will Drew McIntyre be the next in line? Will he have to take on Becky Lynch since she’s The Man now? Were her and Ronda Rousey‘s promos two of the best parts of WWE programming this week? Can you tell that the performers are jet lagged on these overseas tours because of how much press they do? Was it a waste of Nikki Cross to use her against Lynch? Which prop store did they buy the sun glasses for Natalya and Ruby Riott to have their big moment this week? How quickly does the crowd turn these days when Carmella and Elias can be heels one week and faces the next? How did the guys end up talking about the House Hardy Special? Did that close the show? Find out by clicking the link below.

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