Stunt Granny Audio 532 – Rusev, FS1, 60 Minute Matches and AIW

Chris & Kevin are back for another week of fun talking about the WWE product. Who thought the opening segment with Asuka, Paige and Kairi Sane worked? How was the following match with Becky Lynch? Was it good to finally see Rusev get to have some fire about his divorce from Lana? Why has Bobby Lashley worked better as a smooth talking ladies man than any of his previous gimmicks in WWE? Which one of your hosts forgot to tape Smackdown on FS1? Will Fox get concerned if the terrible numbers from FS1 appear on Fox this coming Friday? What do Chris & Kevin think of the possibility of Chris Jericho vs Cody going to the 60 minute time limit now that judges have been introduced to the story line? Can the judges be used for good purposes? The guys end the show with a quick glance at the card of AIW’s 200th Show in Akron this coming Saturday which Kevin is attending. Enjoy the show by clicking on the link below!

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