Stunt Granny Audio 542 – Smackdown, Lana & Lashley and AIW

Chris & Kevin join you on New Year’s Eve to talk about the WWE. They start with Chris’s attendance at Smackdown this past Friday. Did Chris go back and watch the show to see how it sounded on TV? What happened when the TV cameras weren’t rolling? Why would we watch Steve Harvey‘s New Year’s Eve show to catch more professional wrestling? How much of a mess is the women’s division on Smackdown? Are the guys starting to warm to Baron Corbin as a reliable heel? Was Chris up in arms when Braun Strowman danced with the New Day? The guys move on to talk about Raw or at least the Lana and Bobby Lashley Wedding. Was it enjoyable? Why does Rusev want to have so much to do with his ex-wife when Kevin doesn’t want to be any where close to his? Will Liv Morgan continue to be a lesbian character? Did WWE creative steal the lesbian angle that Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose pitched to them? The guys wrap up the show by talking about Absolute Intense Wrestling‘s Friday show, Baby, It’s 2 Cold Outside. Was it indeed cold outside for this event? The guys roll through a quick match by match synopsis along with some talk about the rotating cast of characters used to broadcast the show. Click on the link and enjoy your 2020!

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