Stunt Granny Audio 570 – Brand To Brand Invitation, Greatest Match Ever and Imperium

Kevin DiFrango/ Stunt Granny Ltd.

Chris & Kevin are back to talk about the “Brand To Brand Invitation” which can only be used four times. When will the WWE lose track of that number for some people? Would they need this invitation if they did a better job of building talent? Was it necessary to have Charlotte Flair on Raw this week even though Raw is her home brand? How many times will she be on Smackdown this month? How much of a factor will Sasha Banks be in Bayley‘s match with Charlotte? Did Baron Corbin really need to come over to Raw just to remind us of the dark time when he, Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley used to be a team? Remember when things were really bad recently? Yeah, that was them. Yikes. Why is the WWE continuing to push Edge vs Randy Orton as the “Greatest match we’ve ever seen”? Do we have any idea why Austin Theory was kicked out off Zelina Vega‘s group? Did one minor mistake really do it? Weren’t Angel Garza & Andrade losing just as many matches on TV? Is his inclusion on Seth Rollins group perfect? Does Theory get more shine moving up from Andrade to Rollins for a leader? How did Marcel Barthel & Fabian Eichner end up in the US while WALTER & Alexander Wolfe overseas? Are the Street Profits vs Viking Raiders kits better than traditional tag team feuding? What other topics do the guys cover? Find out by clicking the link below.

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