King of Hype


I hyped her crappy album. Do you think I'll have a problem hyping TNA?

According to (and the, Hulk Hogan said that he was a thorn in the side of Vince McMahon once when he went to WCW and hopes to do the same with TNA. The King of Hype has forgotten a couple of key things in his near geriatric state. First and foremost, it isn’t 1994 any more. Secondly, your hip is doing as well Kevin Nash’s knees are. Both of you can have the biggest guns in the world but it’s not going to hide your chicken legs. Third, Ted Turner and his near limitless pockets are not available. Dixie Carter may be better to look at than Jane Fonda now but that’s not going to help lure any WWE talent to your side that aren’t viewed as table scraps. At least you popped their ratings up a whole 0.2 last week, brotha! – Kevin

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  1. Awesome Dude 2009-11-03 at 7:26 pm #

    “I remember when I bodyslam that big, stinking 8ft 1ton Andre the Giant in front of 2 million Hulkamanics in the Silverdome. As I lift him over my head, brother, I felt the life drain out of him. But once I slammed him to the mat, the power of Hulkamanics breath life back into him, Jack. Once I dropped that legdrop on him, I heard angels singing and the Almighty proclaiming no force is greater in the universe. Jesus told me later that I was his hero and savior. So get down on your knees brother and pray before the greatness of Hulk Hogan”

    • Newbobdole 2009-11-04 at 1:14 pm #

      It’s true, brother! Once in Japan, I got into a full-on shoot with a big guy named Stan Hansen. Then I finished him my version of his own clothesline, Dude! In front of 124,000 screaming, buck-toothed, bow-legged, slanty-eyed Hulkamaniacs!

      (that match finish just lost 14,000 angles their wings)

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