The End Is Nigh

General Russo leading his troops to battle.

Last year’s Fiesta Bowl college football game drew a 10.4 rating (what is that, about 11 million viewers? Probably more), and was the third highest rated college bowl game of the year. This year’s Fiesta Bowl, pitting the number three ranked and undefeated TCU against the number six ranked and also undefeated Boise State in what should undoubtedly be an excellent football game, will take place Monday night.

World Wrestling Entertainment’s flagship program, Raw, which consistently draws ratings in the 3.0-3.5 range, will also take place on Monday night.

It would stand to reason that most sports fans/jock types/whatever are going to be watching one or both of those two things. Undaunted by this insurmountable sanity, TNA marches on. They will also be airing a show on Monday night. They expect this to be well viewed. They do not expect this to be a colossal failure.

Man, I wish there was some other way to watch TNA’s show. Like, if a website (this one, for example) were to show full airings of Impact after they happened. Or like, if there was a replay of Impact on Thursday night, or something like that. Or, if I were illegally inclined, to go on a torrents site and download it that way. I guess there isn’t, though. Oh well. – Dusty

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