WWE Supplemental Draft “Live” Coverage

Hot women will not be at your fantasy draft or online for the WWE Supplemental Draft.

Since this draft is more slow moving than the NFL draft, I’m going to be giving my thoughts for the Supplemental Draft. I’ll be updating as soon as the WWE posts something. I may even throw in some thoughts from last night’s show.

First PickTo Raw: The Great Khali & Runjin Singh. Umm, if a bear shits in the in woods, does anyone care?

Second PickTo Smackdown: Chavo Guerrero. Too bad I used up one analogy for not caring already. Poor Chavo is a trooper but no one cares about him. Maybe he’ll be reunited with Vickie to give him some cred but he’ll probably stay as a Superstars iron man.

If I actually read all of these comments from other people in the WWE Universe, I’d be frothing mad. Some people might be playing the jack ass role but I get the feeling that way too many people are really this dumb –

[Comment From Matt Matt: ]

Chavo is so under-used and underrated, good pick for SD!

Third PickTo Smackdown: Cody Rhodes – Are they trying to make Smackdown as bush league as possible? Knobby knees is not going to replace Edge, John Morrision or R-Truth. It saves a Rhodes/DiBiase feud for a later time (I’m ignoring the possibility of DiBiase moving over later). Maybe they’re just punishing Matt Striker for making Michael Cole sound good twice within a month.

I’m going to continue this comedy festival that is a “draft”. Do a Teddy Long shuffle and click on the “Read More” button below.

Fourth PickTo Raw: Natalya. I hope the Hart Dynasty follows even though theyre’ allowed on both shows currently. I’d say she’s set to be “Future Endeavored” if it weren’t for her famial relations if the HD stay on Smackdown! The women matter so little that I’m picking up a lot of bear shit already.

Fifth PickTo Smackdown: Chris Masters. Wow, the WWE is dropping diarhea on Smackdown. Did Striker really screw over the brand this much? I like watching people develop as much if not more than most, but Jeremy put it to me best on IM “My god this show is going to be unwatchable”.

Sixth Pick – To Raw: Ezekiel Jackson – The pillaging of Smackdown continues even if Zeke is on the shelf. He needed to be on SD to develop. He’s going to get wasted on Raw like many a person moved there way to early.

Seventh PickTo Raw: Goldust – Raw finally gets a dud of a draft pick. Goldie is a nice complimentary piece but for him to job to up and comers is where he earns his money. There are no up and comers on Raw now. Leave him on Smackdown. Can’t wait for the trades later this year when the WWE realizes they fucked this “draft” up.

Eighth PickTo Smackdown: Hornswoggle. The shit storm continues for Smackdown. Why not just replace it with NXT?

Alright Kevin went to fill his tummy so I am taking over. –Jeremy

Ninth PickTo Raw: JTG. Eric sure was happy about this and I can’t blame him. They needed to get him away from Shad. The problem is that JTG is going to get lost immediately on Raw. Well, he does have the energy to serve as a good foil for Santino. If you aren’t sad after reading that sentence please stop visiting our site.

Quick editorial: This draft is taking way to long. Reason would say they had a plan beforehand but I am thinking Vince McMahon is pacing on a board room table yelling at the writing staff ” Give me ideas!” –Jeremy

Tenth PickTo Smackdown: Rosa Mendez. Eric said what I was thinking….. “Who the fuck cares?” Zack Ryder better be going with her. He could be a lot of fun on that barren wasteland called Smackdown

UPDATE: Apparently WWE thinks we nerds aren’t paying attention and have taken down the JTG to Raw pick. You can’t get anything by us WWE. Stunt Granny is all seeing! Apparently Vince must have heard a better idea for JTG while pacing the table? Huh? Am I right? Actually it is pretty clear why his pick disappeared, you can’t have R-Truth and JTG on the same show. It will cause confusion.-Jeremy

Eleventh PickTo Raw: The Hart Dynasty. Ok, so another move that really doesn’t matter. The unified tag-team champions are free to move between shows. Why is WWE wasting our time with this drivel? For Christ’s sake, and I hear he is a big wrestling fan, Get on with the good stuff or end this shit already. Where the fuck is Kevin? Seriously, how long does it take to eat lunch when you eat roots and ginger snaps? He needs to take over again.

I had turkey kielbasa with mashed potatoes & cauliflower with chives. I know how to cook mother fucker. – Kevin

Eleventh (or Tenth) Pick – To Raw: The Hart Dynasty. Shock of all shocks. Everyone is reunited so that when the Tag Titles drop off the face of the planet, they’ll be stuck on a show that features less tag teams than a Jenna Jameson porno.

Eleventh (And Final) PickTo Smackdown: Montel Vontavius Porter. Thank goodness this dreadful thing is over. Finally a decent pick for Smackdown. It doesn’t make up for all they lost but it gives Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler a new opponent. Christian and MVP have both feuded with Jack Swagger so he can get wins over them to add to his credibility. Then Undertaker will drop the punk card on Swagger and take the title back.

Thanks for joining this awesome blog during the draft. I look forward to one or two more trades to balance things out a little bit more. – Kevin

4 Responses to “WWE Supplemental Draft “Live” Coverage”

  1. Jeff Brown 2010-04-27 at 1:37 pm #

    Bourne better be Smackdown-bound.

  2. Jeff Brown 2010-04-27 at 1:49 pm #

    JTG and R-Truth were on Smackdown together .

    • stuntgranny 2010-04-27 at 2:25 pm #

      Thanks for joining the fun Jeff. Too bad Bourne didn’t go to SD. You are right but JTG and R-Truth. Glad that was Jer’s mistake.

  3. Jeff Brown 2010-04-27 at 3:37 pm #

    Your guys’ coverage saved a dull draft.

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