Scott Hall Drinks Alcohol, Hell Freezes Over

Hey uhhh.... ya got any gum?!

From the Observer site tonight:

Scott Hall was arrested last week on charges of disorderly intoxication and resisting arrest according to an article in today’s Orlando Sentinel.

The Seminole County Sheriff’s office was called at 1:43 a.m. late Thursday night, before the weekend Sacrifice PPV, with a call saying there was a disturbance at the Hitching Post Bar in Chuluota, FL, where Hall has been living for many years.

When a deputy arrived, he found a bartender telling Hall to please leave the bar, but Hall yelled and cursed at the bartender and other patrons according to the police report.  The report also said Hall appeared intoxicated, was slurring his speech and his eyes were bloodshot.

When Hall was told he was being placed in custody for intoxication, Hall resisted and swore at the officer, but the deputy managed to get handcuffs on him, although he used two handcuffs due to Hall’s size, and Hall was taken out in the patrol car.

The bartender told the deputy Hall was drinking heavily and became aggressive, pushed a customer, argued with a female bartender and called her names.  The bartender got Hall a ride home, but he punched the window of the car and shoved two women near the car.

Hall was told never to return to the bar.  When Hall was booked, he claimed he was unemployed.

Hahaha, working for TNA is the exact equivalent of being unemployed, so you can’t really say Scott was lying at all. As for the rest of the story, I don’t believe a word of it! – Dusty

EDIT: Now with realistic mug shot action~!

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