WWE NXT Season 4 Rookies and Pros announced… zzzzzzzzzzz

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Wake up, tonight's episode of NXT is over!

Last night, WWE announced the field of six rookies and their pros for WWE NXT Season 4. According to Prowrestling.net, they are:

-Johnny Curtis with R-Truth.

-Byron Saxton with Chris Masters.

-Brodus Clay with Ted DiBiase.

-Jacob Novak with Dolph Ziggler.

-Derrick Batmen with Daniel Bryan.

-Conor O’Brian with Alberto Del Rio.

This collection of rookies begs the question, where did I put that ice pick I was going to jam into my brain? Johnny Curtis is a shoe-in as he’s been around for 11 years and was trained by Killer Kowalski. Byron Saxton had his shot at commentary in ECW and was sent back just in time for NXT Season 1. Jacob Novak makes Heath Slater look like Curt Hawkins, Derrick Bateman makes everyone else look like everyone else, and Conor O’Brian’s promos make me want to vomit blood. And if the sure-footed, graceful-as-a-mountain-goat Brodus Clay gets anywhere past week three, I’ll eat my hat. -Eric

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"You can eat my crown, asshole!"

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