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Joe Dombrowski introduced Johnny Gargano and then the match at Pressure Rising which will be (now) a Three Way match between Gargano,  Jason Bane and “The Megastar” Marion Fontaine. “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross was booked in the match but probably got hired to do Tough Enough. Gargano apologized to Dombrowski for any previous unprofessional-ism he had toward Joe in the past.  Dombrowski said he was fine after doing two straight weeks with Aaron Maguire. (Hmm, I might have erased one of those weeks thinking it was a repeat or they aired them out of order, which wouldn’t be a first. This episode is the oldest on my DVR.)

Dombrowski described Gargano’s beginnings with Ashley Lane (now Madison Rayne) and Josh Prohibition. Dombrowski threw it to an interview with the threesome. Amusing that the interview has the heel/face parts swapped now between Fontaine & Gargano. Dombrowski rattled of a list of who Prohibition & Gargano had beaten. They end by talking about Colin Olsen (Delaney) who went on to the WWE right after this match was recorded. Dombrowski then rolled a clip of that match. Gargano acted goofy after the clip. He reminds me of Cena in the, not taking it serious enough area.

Dombrowski talked about how Gregory Iron beat Gargano. Gargano then explained why he snapped on Iron after that. Dombrowski then showed a backstage promo by Gargano after his loss. A Last Man Standing match was the finale to this feud which took place at the first Wrestlelution. Gargano said the match turned his opinion of Iron because of how tough he was. Gargano then talked about breaking a vertebrae during the match which kept him out for six months. They then went to the later part of the match.

Dombrowski explained that Gargano got a title shot for beating Iron. He then explained how Prohibition weaseled his way into a title reign using Gargano as a pawn. They showed a video montage of Prohibition & Gargano talking about each other, the match that led to Prohibition’s PWO Heavyweight Title reign and finished with the match at Wrestlelution 2 between Gargano & Prohibition that led to Gargano’s current title reign.

Dombrowski said that Gargano had a clearer vision of himself. He talked about how Gargano has repaired relationships with the locker room, especially Gregory Iron. Gargano and Dombrowski then talked about his list of opponents during his title reign. Gargano tried to be funny mocking the pictures of other wrestlers on a charity poster.Gargano then connected two missing people from PWO, Ambassador Madeira & Mike Tolar. Dombrowski acted amused. I wasn’t. They finally got around to talking about his feud with “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross which concluded at Wrestlelution 3. They showed the end of that match. Dombrowski asked Gargano a hard question but then said how hectic Gargano’s schedule was. Gargano said that he wants to be hectic because it’s the only way to become famous. Gargano said that he isn’t going to crack because of it. He said he’ll be 100% at Pressure Rising. Gargano said that no matter how bad the odds are stacked against him, he proves everyone wrong. Gargano concluded that no one can stop him.

Analysis: I got a better look at Gargano’s new look and it still looks better than his previous look but I did notice that his hairdo is much like Johnny Bravo’s from the old Cartoon Network show.

It’s really hard to not compare him to John Cena even more after him bombing for Dombrowski about Ambassador Madeira & Mike Tolar. The jokes just aren’t funny. Dombrowski needs an award for cracking a smile and laughing during that bit. It dawned on me even more why the Cena syndrome is easy to make fun of. When you are serious all the time, it’s nearly impossible to bomb or look like a fool. When you try to joke, there is a reasonable rate of failure even for seasoned comedians. If Gargano wants to continue to be funny, he needs to study comedians and why and when jokes work rather than just trying to be Mr. Silly Pants.

This episode could have gone longer since Gargano has been a featured wrestler since PWO started. Dombrowski & Gargano felt rushed for time. They did such a good job establishing Gargano’s face turn that they didn’t leave enough time to build up the current match up at Pressure Rising. I would have concentrated more on the recent happenings, even at the expense of skipping over the Matt Cross feud from last year since his profile covered that information well.

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