Stunt Granny Audio #148

Oh shit, we’re back one more time for you people with audio number 148. Dusty and Kevin are your early entry, high upside, long length hosts this time around. Herein we talk about CM Punk’s worked shoot and the ramifications thereof. The internet is aglow with buzz about this, but was it really 100 positive? The cru delves into the logistics behind it, and whether Vince McMahon was guffawing backstage while it was happening. Is Punk really done after the pay-per-view, or is he going to stick around? Can he actually extract a good match out of John Cena? Can Cena raise his game after working consecutive programs with the Rock and Punk? Also, the gang talks about Chavo Guerrero’s recent release from WWE. What dark secret did he hold over the McMahon family that he had to ask for his release in order to actually be released? Or did they simply forget he was still on the payroll? Also, who will win the College World Series, where will Jaromir Jagr finish his storied career, and a whole lot more, so just fucking listen, dammit.

Stunt Granny Audio Show #148

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    Fanatic 2011-06-29 at 9:42 pm #

    Dead on with the Chavo stuff. He could have kept his mouth shut and been in the “Funaki spot” for years. I understand if he hated his job and wanted to leave, but don’t tell me you’re being underutilized. He got more chances with Rey and the ECW title than he ever deserved. He’ll be remembered for Pepe, Hornswoggle and carrying Eddie’s bags.

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    Jeff Brown 2011-06-30 at 1:13 am #

    Between Morrison and Punk, Chavo wrestled 671 ECW title matches. The dude phoned it in for years and could of been a “lifer” that would of got paid to do nothing. Can’t wait for his grand entrance in TNA or ROH when he does a run-in and suplexes someone.

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