OFFICIAL: Vince Russo out at TNA/Impact Wrestling or whatever

According to various reports and straight from the horses’ mouth aka Dixie Carter via Twitter, Vince Russo is no longer an employee of TNA or Impact Wrestling. You know they need to come up with one god damn name and stick to it. Anyway, what started as rumor Sunday finally has been confirmed publicly? The man responsible for so much good in everyone’s favorite second place wrestling company is heading back to an Indy record store near you. Maybe you can get a sneak peek at his book and then swear everyone to secrecy?

Like this news even matters now. TNA/Impact Wre.., fuck it, is near irrelevant in the States after so many years of his garbage. This actually came ten years too late for my tastes. What was your favorite Russo TNA moment? There are so many; is it even possible that there is enough room in cyberspace to share all of them. Well, here goes my favorite.

There was that one time that one guy came to the ring and turned on that one guy and then the next week he turned on another guy who had just turned on that other guy who was teaming with some guy who was friends with another guy who had a female friend in a bikini crawling on her hands and knees in a show of power feminism but she was betrayed by her one piece wearing prudish friend who had designs on that one guy who was about to turn on the champion guy who was really a puppet of the commissioner who was that guy everyone knew but no one cared about and this all led to a ratings bonanza.

You know what I am talking about. -Jeremy

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  1. stuntgranny
    stuntgranny February 14, 2012 at 11:49 pm #

    TNA is the hotness. Total Nonstop Hotness, imo

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