Stunt Granny Audio #188


Stunt Granny is on a roll this week with audio goodness, this time brought to you by Jeremy & Kevin. They rewind the whole way to last Thursday to start off the talk with Impact Wrestling. Was the opening segment good, bad or just tired? Did Hulk Hogan need to throw away the format sheet to have a good segment? Is Bully Ray the best thing going in TNA? What is wrong with AJ Styles’s tattoo? Jeremy likes Joseph Park and compares him to Superman. What could TNA do to kick Park’s law business to the next level? Kevin moves on to Ring of Honor by talking about Kevin Steen versus Davey Richards at Border Wars. Was it a good idea to put the whole match on TV? They question whether the whole match was indeed shown. Is it OK to chant “This is awesome” during any match? Was this match worthy of such a chant regardless? Jeremy & Kevin move on to the WWE. Was it good or bad that Brodus Clay got beat down? Will this assault change his character? Kevin talks about his man crush, Dolph Ziggler. Why isn’t Vickie Guerrero getting him singles matches anyway? Will she help Ziggler if he wants to move on to superstardom? The guys finish by talking about the breaking news of Randy Orton being suspended for sixty days. Will this help the younger guys along with the suspension of Chris Jericho? Can the guys resist talking about pooping in Randy Orton’s bag? Find out that and more when you click the link below!

Stunt Granny Audio Show #188

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