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002 Tarek (Moritz Bleibtreu)Eric Young‘s experiment on Abyss/Joseph Park took a turn that I had not predicted last week. Young was determined to unmask Abyss and he finally did near the end of the match. It seemed it had dawned on Abyss that he was indeed Joseph Park. TNA cheesed it up by having him see himself in a broken piece of a mirror. I could get behind an unmasked Park because he looks better without the ten cent Mankind rip off mask.

Bobby Roode‘s baby face turn was planted even more with his frustration with Dixie Carter since she couldn’t make him the number one contender against Magnus. TNA has lost more baby faces than heels in the mass exodus of talent so they could use someone else on that side.

MVP is claiming to not want in ring action. Rockstar Spud is terrible as a lackey. His size fits the bill but that’s it. MVP makes a match between Magnus and Kurt Angle. I think it’s terrible to not build up this match now that Magnus is champ even if it’s to a TV PPV.

Bully Ray is making the best of some bad writing. It’s not enough to overcome the limitations. Curry Man comes out then Bully Ray comes out. Now is Curry Man’s opponent not going to come out? Or did he come out at an unscheduled time because Curry Man has free reign in TNA? Neither of those explanations are good to me. Unfortunately for him, he gets his ass handed to him by Bully Ray. Bully finishes Curry Man off by getting him into a pile driver then yelling “Anderson” then executing the move. Jeremy Borash follows up with what has to be the dumbest line that will be said all year “That was a direct message to Mr. Anderson.” with dramatic pauses in there. Just wow.

Zema Ion did the smart thing and assaulted Austin Aries with his X Division briefcase then calling for the referee. It’s a heel tactic by a heel. TNA uses logic for a change. Congratulations. No surprise that Ion was in a glorified jobber match. He got offense only because of the briefcase. Aries wins with the brainbuster.

Christy Hemme confronts Samuel Shaw. What’s with the mannequin? That’s the best you’ve got? At least she broke up with him. I’ll wait for the restraining order part of this angle. Magnus gets to help reinforce Bobby Roode‘s baby face turn. Roode is more interested in the title. Good for him even if he stayed heel.

Dixie Carter and MVP finally have their sit down talk. She tries to sound like she’s a big deal but the set around her screams Target. Unfortunately for everyone watching, they decided they hadn’t used enough TV time so we get another segment later. I was wondering why this sit down was taking place now. HHH & Steph may be a big part of the opening segment, but they haven’t been mugging for the cameras as much as Dixie.

– I guess Kurt Angle‘s injury is why they booked the match between him and Magnus. It was short but I think they gave too much away still because it was the bigger moves in their sets. EC3 ended up interfering and attacking Angle on the injured knee. Borash again made an ass out of himself by asserting that it was unbelievable an injury could occur to Kurt Angle. He wrestled on a broken  freak’n neck in the Olympics. He can be injured but he won’t wrestle through all of the injuries. EC3 is fully capable of injuring him even if his character has sucked so far. It’s the best thing he’s done so far. Don’t down play his role in the attack.

Chris Sabin isn’t a good actor. He’s fantastic in the ring. Why is Velvet Sky upset? He challenged her to a match and looked like in petty ass for breaking up with her after she had already do so last week. Mike Tenay should be outraged but calls Chris Sabin a “jerk.” Are you the PG rated show? He doesn’t need to swear but his response should be stronger than that. I might have to start calling Mitchell Cool, Michael Cole because he isn’t nearly as bad as either of these guys.

Samoa Joe needs a win over Bobby Roode. He ended up getting it after a combination Muscle Buster and Kokina Clutch. I would have much preferred this to whatever will follow it between MVP & Dixie Carter. MVP has already been in the ring once. He delivers but everyone knows they weren’t going to play nice so there’s no reason to have three largish segments on it. – Kevin

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