Stunt Granny Audio #262

rick-scott-steinerKevin & Shahid are hosts for this journey through the world of wrestling. They took a minor detour to talk about Big Trouble in Little China since it is a classic to both of them. Their first wrestling topic is CM Punk since he was officially moved to the alumni section on Why did the WWE hype Punk’s documentary before moving him there? Why does it feel odd to Shahid? Will CM Punk be back in the future? How long had Punk been in the WWE? AJ Lee has helped to continue the CM Punk just by her presence? Have the Divas gotten a push recently? How many story lines can Shahid point out to Kevin? How many of those story lines does Kevin care about? How long has this push been going on for the Divas? How many matches do they have on Battleground? Kevin & Shahid move on to talk a little about Daniel Bryan’s injury. Did he have another injury that is keeping him out of action even more? Is it the result of his in ring style? They move on to the man called Sting. Was his appearance on Warrior: The Ultimate Legend even shorter than Chris Calimida mentioned? How cool is it that he’s in WWE 2K15? How good of a wrestler was he when he was younger? Has he secured his place despite not possibly being the biggest draw? How long was he on top of WCW? Has anyone had a streak in their own league that long? They mentioned Sting’s athleticism earlier but end up changing to the subject to Scott Steiner? How far above everyone else was he back in the day in WCW? Does anyone in wrestling today present that type of a gap? How about Brock Lesnar? Is it easy to forget about Steiner’s in ring skills in his early career because of Big Poppa Pump days? How much longer did he last than his brother Rick? Join Kevin & Shahid for the answers to these questions and more when you click on the link below!

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