Stunt Granny Audio 299

King Joffery from Game of Thrones by way of

King Joffery from Game of Thrones by way of

Chris & Kevin are coming to you fresh off of watching the King of the Ring Semifinals and Finals on the WWE Network. What worked for the guys? What didn’t work for the guys? What were their thoughts on the Sheamus and Dolph Ziggler feud putting a big stamp on the event? Why was Dean Ambrose even involved if the Smackdown spoilers are correct? Who planted the Neville red herring that Kevin fell for? What kind of role can Bad News Barrett fill? He wouldn’t have beaten Daniel Bryan, had he not been injured. How much of an injury does Bryan have since his shelf time was just extended? Isn’t the WWE inviting speculation by not saying what it is? The guys wrap up talking about Billy Corgan joining Impact Wrestling? What did other promoters think of his work in Chicago? Why does small time wrestling not work as well there? Kevin is drinking a Sippy Time Beer from Chicago? What is it? Find out when you click on the link below!

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