A Day Late and Dollar Short Review of WWE Payback

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From reddit.com

I watched Payback last night. It was fair to midlands so I didn’t feel the urge to write a review.

The new champions (New Day, John Cena, & Seth Rollins) weren’t going to lose but the WWE had some “as expected” ends.

1. New Day won because “All black people look alike” even when they’re all different heights, body shapes and have different hairdos. New Day is working much better as a heel faction. Tyson Kidd & Cesaro continue to shine in the ring. Too bad Kidd & Cesaro are put in a bad spot. Win the titles, lose them because the top baby face team (The Usos) is injured and then turn baby face to continue to lose to the new top heel team.

2. John Cena won because predictably, Lana threw in the towel for Rusev since their break up needs to be furthered. It was a good match and even though the ending didn’t ruin the match, one could see if coming from Russia. Now please, let this feud be done.

3. The best moment of the match had to have been the short lived Shield reunion to power bomb Randy Orton through the announce table. Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns turned on Seth Rollins and did a two man power bomb through the Spanish announce desk which was an even more brilliant move since they actually eliminated both of their opponents so that one of them truly got a shot at the title. As usual, the heel found a way to take advantage of chaos of such a match. Rollins did just that and pinned Orton after interference from J&J Security and Kane. What, you thought he’d lose his job?

The other matches were fine but mean very little.

1. Sheamus vs Dolph ZigglerSheamus may have won but he’s still stuck in some weird quasi-main event spot. Dolph Ziggler is officially the new and improved Christian. I would hope that the WWE would turn him into the Intercontinental Champion and start to elevate the belt with him instead of Daniel Bryan. I like Sheamus and think he’s capable of doing so if the WWE ever allows a heel to be dominant for a long stretch. Last example – Punk, C.M.

2. Bray Wyatt vs Ryback – If I think that Sheamus is in a weird quasi-main event spot, Wyatt & Ryback preside there too. They had an enjoyable match but I don’t feel like either of them are going. Wyatt won the match but where does he go from here? Wyatt isn’t going to go after Seth Rollins. Please don’t have Wyatt go back into another feud with John Cena. More than likely, losing to Ryback in a match at Money in the Bank.

3. The Bella Twins vs Naomi & TaminaNaomi got the pinfall to continue her slow build to taking on Nikki Bella for the Divas Title. By the book story telling but there wasn’t much to see there.

4. King Barrett vs Neville – This one really could have gone into the champions category because Barrett wasn’t going to lose so soon after capturing the crown. While I understand not wanting him to lose, I don’t understand having him fight Neville again and walking away from the fight. This match was a filler match, have him fight someone who can take the loss. I understand you are featuring Neville because of his recent arrival from NXT but he’d be better off not on the PPV. Have him go over someone on the NXT Takeover on Wednesday to get more hype around him. – Kevin

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