Stunt Granny Audio 336 – Weird Starts, Technical Issues and the WWE

Saved from pinterest but emanating from

Saved from pinterest but emanating

Jeremy & Kevin are back together again and having technical difficulties like they did when they had less sophisticated equipment. They recorded sixteen minutes and then lost thirty to forty minutes of a good discussion about wrestling. They end up going back over the Roman Reigns and Vince McMahon saga and find a way to have a new talking avenue on it. Will Reigns go into Wrestlemania as the champion? Who would get the belt if he didn’t end up being champion? Is there a chance that Brock Lesnar enters the Royal Rumble itself? Could HHH cost Reigns the belt but not win it himself? Did this stipulation make the Rumble more interesting than it has been in years? How does the WWE keep falling backwards into good stories with a lot of their talent? Jeremy & Kevin also go back over how poorly run the Diva’s Division is even after the death of the “Revolution.” How much did Ronda Rousey hurt their momentum? Isn’t Naomi a natural baby face? Wouldn’t Tamina work as a better body guard for just Sasha Banks? Why did Becky Lynch pull the tights on Monday night? Do either of your hosts want Ric Flair to be involved with Charlotte? Was there anything else of substance on Raw? Is it worth talking about the Social Outcasts? Is it a good thing Damien Sandow isn’t with them? Is New Day starting to look like a bunch of corn balls by using the unicorns all of the time? Jeremy & Kevin end by talking about the possible defections of AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows from New Japan to the WWE. Which is a perfect set up for another show tonight with Chris & Kevin! So get to listening by clicking the link below!

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